Terms of Use

Welcome to the InstantMac, terms and conditions here govern the procedures for using our application and website, and apply to all our service features. Please read carefully before you open an account or use our service site, when you open or access our site, you have agreed to these terms and conditions. We have the right to change, add, update these terms and conditions at any time without or prior notice and you will be deemed to have agreed to the amended terms and conditions.

InstantMac Service

  • Use of Services and Permissions That We Provide to Users
    1. InstantMac gives limited rights to users and can be revoked at any time with or without a reason.
    2. When you post a content (photo or video) that is an intellectual property right, anywhere through our service site, you give us a license that is non-exclusive, royalty-free that we can copy, use, move, sub license, distribute, airing,
      making derivative works and this applies all over the world.
    3. You can delete this license by deleting the content or deleting your account but
      the content will continue to appear if you share it with other people and that
      person has not deleted it and will continue to be published without
      restrictions and restrictions.
    4. You give us permission to display your name, profile photo and activity (like,
      follow, comment on, and others) without any reward to you.
    5. For example, we can show that you like ads, click ads, sponsored advertisements for products that have advertised their products at our place and people who have permission to view the content and advertisements.
    6. We have the right to change the user's account name if it is deemed appropriate and necessary because it violates the intellectual property of others.
    7. You can use our intellectual property and trademarks through ways that are
      permitted or with our written permission.
    8. A content that is intellectual property rights that we have and we provide in our service site in the form of content, photos, videos, logos, designs, color
      arrangements, numbers, writings, sounds that you use, add and share so we still have rights to the foregoing.
    9. You must have our written permission or permission based on an open source license to be able to modify, create derivative works, describe or attempt to extract our source code.
    10. InstantMac is a good intellectual property, name, logo, design, page, button, script, and service name are registered trademarks including domain names, names, InstantMac related e-mail addresses that cannot be misused without our written permission.
  • Who Can Use InstantMac
    1. We want this service site to be safe for use by all ages, but there are restrictions and rules that we must apply to protect minors from accessing our service sites. Our service site is only intended for children aged 13 years and over.
      We do not allow children under this age to access our service site. We will
      delete all data and accounts that are allegedly used by children under the age
      of 13, but if there is data falsification and age, this is beyond our control
      and responsibility. For that we also strongly recommend that parents
      participate in monitoring the activities of their children so that the sites
      they access are appropriate for their age.
    2. You are not a prisoner or a criminal.
    3. You are not a person whose account is inactive.
  • How You Can’t Use InstantMac
    1. You may not do things that violate the law in accordance with the laws of each
      country through our service site, violations include fraud, incitement, insult, threatening, harassing, abusive, illegal acts, bullying, racial intolerance,
      pornography, and other acts that violate the law.
    2. You may not collect, use or publish personal information, copyrights, secrets, trademarks, and other intellectual property that are the rights and property of others.
    3. You may not disguise yourself as someone else, create an account using names and data that do not belong to you, communicate as that person unless you have obtained written permission that can prove you have obtained permission from that person.
    4. You do not have to provide information about your personal data to us, but for data that you must complete to access our site, the data is required to be valid and
    5. You may not do things that interfere with or damage the operating system of the service properly.
    6. You are not permitted to collect information illegally or try to buy, sell or
      transfer any aspect of your account or other users.
    7. You may not use the url or domain name as your user.
  • Account Deletion and Content Removal
    1. We can deactivate your account without or with prior notice temporarily or
      permanently if your account is indicated as having things that violate our
      terms and conditions, if an account is deleted then the user cannot use other
      service sites affiliated with us, InstantMac Pay.
    2. We can also delete any content or information that you share through our service site if we believe that the content or information violates the terms and
      conditions of use and violates the law in accordance with the laws of each
    3. We will abolish it as soon as possible if we find out directly what violates the
      terms and conditions or the law that will harm, threaten other users or harm us.
    4. If we receive complaints, reports and notices of violations regarding the content that you post and share, we can also block your content including without
      limitation chat, feedback, posts, photos, videos, and others to protect our
      service sites and users in accordance with the terms and conditions that we
      have made.
    5. You can ask for help to activate your account again if you feel this deletion is a mistake.
    6. We will also delete the account if it relates to the intellectual property of the
      other party and is required by the authorized legal apparatus.
    7. The content that you delete will / may still be seen and shared for a certain
      period of time in the form of a backup / copy.
  • Account and Security
    1. The user must maintain the security of his own account by not informing, giving the user id and password to any party.
    2. Update / change account password regularly if it is deemed necessary.
    3. Update and update your account information.
    4. Obey every privacy policy and terms and conditions for using our service site.
    5. Avoid things that violate the law in communicating activities, transacting and uploading content in accordance with applicable law.
    6. Users are prohibited from using someone else's account and creating multiple accounts for sale.


InstantMac is an application and web site (later called the site) product from PT. Kita Indo Perkasa where there are features that are complete enough to make it easier for users to access and use our site. The Instantmac website is www.instantmac.com

Age Limitation

For the security and convenience of users, aside from the convenience and services we provide, we need to make restrictions and usage rules, we want you to comply with the restrictions and regulations that apply to be able to access and become part of the InstantMac community. 

The age limit for opening an account on InstantMac is limited by a minimum age of 13 years or an age limit that is deemed appropriate under the laws of each country. If accessing our site beyond the age limits that we have set is beyond our responsibility and we expect parents to take a role to monitor so that their children only access the site or service according to their age.

Our Agreement

  • All uses of our features and APIs are subject to our platform policies. If you use
    other features or certain services that are related, other provisions will be
    available and will be part of our agreement. If the provision is not the same
    as our agreement, the other provisions will apply.
  • If there are certain aspects of this agreement that cannot be enforced then other
    aspects will remain valid.
  • If part or all of the contents of these terms and conditions are determined to be
    invalid or cannot be carried out based on any law or legal principle, invalid
    or unenforceable, it will be deemed not part of these Terms and Conditions but
    legality, validity or implementation of the other provisions of these Terms and
    Conditions will have no effect.
  • Changes to or release of our agreement must be made in writing and signed by us, if we
    fail to enforce the aspects contained in this agreement, it will not be
    considered a release.
  • We have all rights not expressly given to you.
  • Our agreement does not give any rights to third parties.
  • You cannot transfer your rights and obligations to other parties.
  • Our rights and obligations can be transferred to other parties if there is a change
    of ownership.
  • Our service sites are presented in such a way as to help support user needs, but we
    cannot guarantee that our service site is always safe and running perfectly. In
    accordance with applicable law, we also release all implied or explicit
    guarantees as merchandise, ownership, lack of violations and conformity for
    certain purposes.
  • We cannot control, forcing what we want to say, do, display, users, and are not
    responsible for what they share (content) that violates the terms and
    conditions and applicable laws in each country that cause inconvenience.
  • We are also not responsible for the services, features, services, and others
    offered, advertising through our application.
  • There is no guarantee that the service will be compatible or can be operated with
    hardware, software, devices, equipment installed in connection with your device
    and there is no guarantee that this compatible problem can result in reduced device
    performance, slow, failed, which can cause temporary damage, permanent, loss of
    data on your device. You agree that we, our subsidiaries, partners, employees,
    etc. have no liability for damages and losses that you experience in connection
    with the above.
  • We are not responsible when we will or may delete your content or account or there
    is a problem in our service where we also do not know / know all the possible
    impacts that could be caused by the problem. You also agree that we are not
    responsible for loss of profits, income, information, data or damages that are
    consequential, special, indirect, extraordinary, punitive or incidental arising
    from or relating to this provision.
  • You free us (InstantMac), affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, shareholders, employees,
    officers, successors and recipients of all actions, claims, protests,
    dissatisfaction, damage, losses and costs caused by the use of services , your
    content, any use of services by you, violations of terms and conditions,
    violations of applicable obligations and laws, violations of other people's
    rights and other violations that you make.

Applicable Law and Resolution

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Any and all disputes arising from the use of our service site will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia. 

Our Services

Our services include all the products, features,
applications, services, technology and software that we provide to be able to help all users when using our service site. 

I. Store

Store is a place where users can communicate, offer, inform, sell and buy products, and we are not directly involved in all trading transactions so that we have no control over prices, quality, legality, truth, all aspects listed in the item, the ability of sellers to sell and the ability of buyers to buy goods and ensure buyers or sellers in completing all transactions.

We also cannot guarantee that the identity, age, nationality of the seller and the buyer are correct, therefore we require users to communicate directly with the seller and the buyer through the features that we have provided.

We are also not responsible for content including information, data, text, identity, photos, videos, audio, goods, links posted by users. We only provide a place to connect and facilitate all users.

We hope that all users can interact politely and use good words. Although we continue to strive to keep our services safe and comfortable for everyone, your usage of our sites, services and your interactions are at your own risk. 

To use our services in offering, selling, buying products / goods you agree to comply with the rules that we have made:

  1. You must include prices, descriptions, photos, qty of the products you sell in
    detail, correct, and complete.
  2. You may charge shipping fees, packaging products fairly and not excessively.
  3. You may not change the price of the product if you have received a sale and
    purchase agreement.
  4. Communication through the features that we provide is mandatory for the security of sellers
    and buyers and you can find out seller or buyer information such as name,
    address, cellphone, account number, and others in order to complete the
    transaction that you have done.
  5. The product you offer / sell must choose the appropriate category to help buyers
    find the product they need.
  6. The items / products you offer are yours, authentic, and do not violate the
    copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property of others and third parties
    unless you have permission.
  7. The product is not illegal according to each country's law and is not dangerous.
  8. If in the transaction process you and other users find an obstacle and dispute you
    are obliged to resolve the issue peacefully, and if you contact us to
    facilitate the resolution of the problem, we will try to facilitate in solving
    the problem, but not obliged resolve this. You release us from claims,
    disputes, any losses that might arise from these problems.

For Sellers

You must and must complete a purchase transaction and deliver the product in accordance
with the transaction that you and the buyer agree on except, the buyer fails to complete the payment according to the agreement, the buyer does not agree with the offer that you give. The communication is cut off in the middle of the transaction. 

For Buyers

You must and must complete your obligations as a buyer if your offer has been received by the seller and immediately make a payment for the products you want except, you feel doubtful about the authenticity of the product, the identity of the seller, disconnection of your communication with the seller. 

Free Store

It is free without any fees for all users without exception. 

Business Store

  1. Paid service feature where users can have extra services in running their business
    that are not owned by free store users.
  2. Users can have additional features to make it easier for users to manage a store,
    among others, create their own store name, place a logo icon shop, extra slots
    for photos and videos, users have their own store transaction reports and other
  3. With the separation between social media and business, buyers will be easier to make
    purchases by being able to directly find the name of the store from sellers and
    sellers who have more privacy in socializing the media.
  4. With or without prior notice we can and have the right to delete content from the user if it is found and violates the terms and conditions and applicable laws,
    whether deleting content, closing the store and closing the account, the user
    understands and has agreed that losses that might arising from the removal or closure is not our responsibility and the user agrees to release us from any claim.

II. Live Streaming

We provide this live streaming feature for all users to be able to communicate, interact, express and share live via cell phones and other devices. This feature can be used for 2 users and 9 users at once. You can turn off the live streaming feature to communicate with chat.

You can also give each other likes or gifts if you like the videos from the broadcaster and from the gifts collected you can use them to be redistributed or redeemed to points. 

Rules and Prohibitions

  1. Users are prohibited from commenting, interfering, commenting on, insulting,
    inciting, divulging, defaming, and violating the privacy of the rights of others.
  2. Users are prohibited from speaking about racial, ethnic, religious, class, language
    issues, insults to gender, age, nationality which can interfere with security,
    order, endanger, divide, disrupt harmony and comfort of the nation and land
  3. Matters that contain violence, discrimination, harassment, terror crimes both verbally
    and visually.
  4. Dissemination of news, news, hoaxes, provocatives, incitement, deception against someone,
    group, ethnicity, religion, institution or state.
  5. Establish a group or community that does, spreads illegal things and violates the laws of
    each country.
  6. Prohibited from broadcasting, showing, talking, showing things that are pornographic
    (sexual intercourse, body parts namely reproductive organs, chest, thighs, hips
    of men and women) and naked or dressed impolite, transparent, too minimal so as
    to accentuate certain parts of the body (bikinis are allowed for certain
  7. Doing criminal things that are prohibited both for humans and animals, be it murder,
    beating, torture, violent scenes, sexual scenes, human trafficking, etc.
  8. Do gambling, produce and consume illegal drugs that can harm ourselves and others
    and violate the law.
  9. It is prohibited to promote, advertise, distribute illegal, illegal, violating
    laws and instant policies (illegal drugs, weapons, etc).
  10. Users are prohibited from broadcasting blank screen videos, videos of people who
    behave badly, inappropriate places (bathrooms, nightclubs).

III. Diary

Diary is a service that we provide for users to be able to store files, data, documents, photos, videos more securely and privately because it is supported by a security password so that the data you store is safe as long as your password is not shared and known by others. Users can also use alarm reminders in files or documents that are deemed necessary to be completed within a
certain period of time. 

IV. Slots

With this slot feature we provide the opportunity for users to post the best photos / videos, unique, creative, original that users have, and not the result of copying, the work of other people's rights. Here the followers of each user will be able to give your photos / videos as appreciation, respect, like the results of your posts and from those likes you can judge how much people like your work.

  1. Slots are provided for users to upload the best photos / videos (content) they have
    to share with all of their followers.
  2. We hope users can post new photos / videos, not copies, the results of their own
    creations so that they can attract interest from followers to enjoy these posts
    and give likes as an appreciation of the work.
  3. Photos and videos in the slot can only be visited, commented, unlike other users who
    have become your followers, but if you are not yet a follower, what is shared
    in the slot cannot be visited or reviewed.
  4. Every likes collected will be valuable and become a point that can be exchanged into
    vouchers, sweepstakes and attractive products in our store.
  5. Any content that will be uploaded is required to fill in the caption and select the
    appropriate category and make sure the photos and videos to be uploaded are the
    best and the latest you have
  6. Upload content in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply in InstantMac
  7. Uploading content that does not match category selection either intentionally or
    ignorance will be informed by notifications so users can upload again according
    to the available categories.
  8. Selection of categories that do not match and are not changed after the notification, the
    likes that are obtained do not enter on the point count.
  9. Uploaded content can only be lowered, deleted after 30 days but if it is dropped before
    reaching the day, the points collected will be lost / forfeited.
  10. There is a maximum limit of points obtained / for photos or videos that you post.
  11. The points obtained will be different from one photo to another as well as video.


Terms and conditions for points:

  1. Point given InstantMac to users through likes
  2. Users can also switch from balance to point.
  3. Points can be exchanged for items
    that we provide both in the form of products, vouchers, sweepstakes, etc.
  4. It can be used for gift exchange.
  5. Points can be used to add limit slots or to group ads.
  6. It can be donated to special accounts which are foundations, institutions, communities, groups that have verified complete information data about the authenticity, validity, vision, mission, objectives of the establishment of the container.
  7. Exchange places, reports, time and number of data points are via the INSTANTMACPAY application or the
  8. The number of points received by users is regulated and assessed by us and will vary between one and the other
    both photos and videos.
  9. If there are significant differences
    in the value / number of user points caused by, bugs, system damage, human
    errors, hackers, and others then the value and number of points must refer to
    the data value and our final judgment decision that is absolute and cannot be
    disturbed sued by the user.
  10. Transfer points will / can we stop
    temporarily or permanently without or with prior notice.
  11. Stop giving points will not reduce
    the value and number of points that have been obtained by the previous user and
    can still be used.
  12. We are not responsible when we will
    or may delete the awarding point or the impact that can be caused by the
    problem both protests, claims, dissatisfaction, losses that might arise.
  13. Users grant us (InstantMac, InstantMac
    Pay), affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, shareholders, employees, officers,
    successors and recipients the rights for any claim related to policy points.
  14. Users must accept any decisions,
    changes, updates, policies that we will take in the future relating to points,

The Privacy Policy and these terms and conditions are made in two languages, Indonesian and English. If there is a discrepancy, the difference between the Indonesian version and the English version, then the Indonesian language version will apply.

Date of last revision: December 31, 2018