Privacy Policy

InstantMac which is then called (we) is committed to protecting every important personal data from users. We are responsible based on applicable laws and regulations on privacy. Policies and privacy are made so that you can understand that we will collect, protect, use, disclose and process the personal data that you have entrusted to us now or in the future.

Using our application and website (service site) in any way, including but not limited to visiting, registering and using services on our site, then the user who is called (you or user) agrees to be bound by this agreement, including the terms additions, conditions and policies.

This policy and privacy applies to site services and additional features in it. This agreement applies to all site users without exception. You cannot use our service site if you do not agree with this policy and privacy. 

I. What kinds of data / information do we collect?

  • Collecting of Personal Data

           We collect your personal data to improve your
quality, service, security and comfort in using our service site.

  • We will / may Collect Your Personal Data at the time
  1. You access or use our service site.
  2. You register or open an account on our service site.
  3. You fill out the form both online and offline.
  4. You make an agreement with us both online and offline.
  5. You communicate with us or other users through the features that we provide.
  6. You use service features that are on our site.
  7. You make transactions with us and with other users.
  8. These are just a few examples of when your personal data may / will be collected.
  • We will / may Collect Your Personal Data While You Give it to Us
  1. Create or update an account including names, usernames, passwords, e-mails, telephone
    numbers, addresses, photos, videos, logos, store names, and so on.
  2. When you communicate / discuss, follow, rate, fill in comments, join groups, create content, add hashtags, etc through the features that we provide.
  3. Contact us via ‘Contact Us’.
  4. We will / may make a cooperation contract.
  5. Answering surveys that we might send via notifications, e-mail, sms, feedback, letters or
  6. Transact with other users including but not limited to product details, quantities, prices, colors, sizes, addresses, shipping options, dates, times, etc.
  7. Fill in the payment data when transacting payments through the site, including but
    not limited to bank account data, credit cards, virtual accounts, instant payments, internet banking, retail outlets, etc.
  8. Use features that require access permission to the user's device.
  9. We will / may collect your personal data when you access or use the features that we share.
  10. When you visit / use, interact with using our service site, information may automatically be collected using SPT technology (GPS, IP, Wifi, etc.).
  11. Data collected in the form of Time, date, IP address, login, location, transaction, personal
    data and so on.
  12. Identifying cookies that we transfer to your computer or software that allow us to
    recognize your computer or device and tell us how and when the service site is used or visited, by how many people and track movements in our site. We can link cookie information to personal data. Cookies are also linked to information about the items you have chosen to buy and the pages you have seen.
    This information is for example used to monitor your shopping cart. Cookies are also used to send content that suits your interests and monitor site usage,
    users can set through browser settings to reject cookies.
  13. Information from the contact book, call history, SMS and MMS will / may be collected if you
    upload, synchronize or import it from the device.
  14. We collect information from how you use our service site and the features you use
    frequently are not limited to how often you use our services, when you last logged in, who you often contact, what you post, in which group you join, donations and gifts that you give, etc.
  15. Information is also collected from other users who communicate, comment on, make purchases,
    send, give gifts, donations, photos, videos, etc.
  16. View or download content, advertisements, photos, videos, donations, gifts, etc.
  • We will / may Collect Your Personal Data from Other Parties
   Namely marketing service providers, publicly available sources, partners and parties affiliated with us and have the right to provide information. All sources that share information with us have legal rights to collect, use and share information with us the information collected in the form of activities outside of our site in the form of purchases, communications, the web you visit, the advertisements you see, the games you play, etc.

II. How do we use this information?

InstantMac (we) will / may use, process and disclose collected data and information for:

  1. Improve, equip, provide, develop, maximize the quality and features that already exist and realize new things for convenience, needs, user security. Helps you to find people who might live in the area around you, ever or at the same school and have the same friends in a group.
  2. Processing activities and transactions between you and us and with other users is not limited to providing, payment, shipping, etc.
  3. Responding, checking, overcoming problems that might / will arise and not be limited to
    bug, software, operational, analysis, activity, etc.
  4. Audit and survey to find out and understand desires, experiences, satisfaction not limited to the place of residence, hobbies, places you want to visit, objects you want to have, idolized artists, etc.
  5. Sending information, communicating to users regarding updates, features, services, products, news, advertisements, developments in policies and services, events, and others, to help users both regarding problems that might arise from the site and problems between users.
  6. Promotions, offers, sweepstakes, advertisements, and others through but not limited to e-mail, telephone calls, SMS / MMS, faxes, posts, notifications, etc.
  7. Your information related, hobbies, desires, needs, activities, and others we will use as a reference for sending advertisements, sponsored content, event slots, etc that we want to show you.
  8. Verify the account, observe, investigate, prevent activities, activities and transactions that are harmful, suspicious and indicate fraud and violations of the terms and conditions and applicable legal provisions. Minimize bad experiences verbally and visually as well as take necessary actions as an act of the violation.
  9. We will / may save, protect, use, duplicate, process, disclose your personal data
    depending on the circumstances and situations required to do the above.

III. How is this information shared?

Information and data collected will / may be revealed to other parties:

  1. We will / may disclose the user's personal data to other parties (third parties) in order to improve the quality of our site and to resolve problems that might arise both internally and externally.
  2. For companies affiliated with us to do data processing.
  3. The service provider parties, agents and partners, consultants where to support the
    development of our business including and not limited to payment service providers, shipping service providers, logistics service providers, etc.
  4. Telecommunication companies, technology companies and companies involved in them.
  5. To law enforcement authorities if necessary and requests such as (search warrant from the court) and we believe there is a good intention to comply with applicable law.
  6. To other parties in the event of a merger, purchase, transfer, sale of company assets.
  7. To other users that you share both content, posts, both individuals and groups in private or public use the features that you can and can be redistributed by those who receive what you share directly or through the parties concerned.
  8. Other users can see whether you are active or not.
  9. We share information with advertisers, namely people who see advertisements, how
    effective the advertisements are displayed, the interests and attractiveness of
    these advertisements are accepted but do not share detailed information such as your name and address to advertisers until it is really needed.
  10. Other parties will / may be able to access, tap, save, duplicate and using your personal data without our permission. Not limited to human error, system damage, hacking, etc. Which is it’s not our fault. The things above might happen, but we with the ability and technology that are still committed to protecting your personal data.
  11. We will / may save and process your personal data in our server countries and other countries.

IV. How can I manage or delete information about

We ensure the security of data and personal information from users:

  1. We are committed to safeguarding and protecting all user data and personal information.
  2. We use various security measures to ensure that all are in accordance with the privacy policy.
  3. You can choose to share or not your personal data contained in your profile.
  4. The user's personal data is on a secure network and can only be accessed by a small number of employees who have access rights to the system.
  5. Your data and information will continue to be saved as long as the account is still active.
  6. If you stop using the site for any reason or permission to use our site, we can continue to store, use, disclose or manage your personal data and information as long as we need it in accordance with privacy laws and applicable laws.
  7. We can delete your data and personal information if the account is inactive or disabled without prior notification.

V. How do we respond to legal requests or prevent harm?

We can share and provide information to regulators, law enforcement or others:

  1. If based on regulations from the government of the Republic of Indonesia which mention
    any criminal acts that dangerous and threatening. We can provide user information to the authorities in accordance with a valid letter attachment.
  2. All transactions that you do (including financial transactions, purchases made in our services) can be accessed when you are found to violate applicable laws and the government investigates this.
  3. To protect us from the law, if you commit a fraudulent act that harms another person, we can provide information we receive from our third party partner for legal proceedings.

VI. Changes and Additions to Policies

InstantMac has the right and may at any time change, add to and update policies and
privacy without prior notice, or we will / may send you information regarding
changes to the privacy policy not limited to notifications via email, fax,
post, notification, cell phone, and others so you have the opportunity to learn
about new policy changes before you decide to continue using our service site.

VII. Governing Law

This privacy policy is governed and interpreted according to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. All or part of the disputes that may arise from this privacy policy will be governed by exclusive jurisdiction from the Republic of Indonesia. 

Date of last revision: December 31, 2018